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PB Is a dynamic and multifaceted artistic entity serving as research laboratory, event organization, learning institute, production company, publishing house, and online resource community.

Our primary mission is to launch an ongoing exchange about how artists regard and approach their work, cultivate and nurture collaborations, interact and communicate with audiences, and connect with social activism efforts in local communities and across the globe.

PB seeks to broaden conventional parameters of artistic endeavors through initiating interdisciplinary projects in alternative settings and unfamiliar contexts, while at the same time reaching out to nontraditional audiences. PB is particularly drawn to creating hybrid social-artistic gatherings that bring people together, facilitate less familiar kinds of interactions, and support personal and communal empowerment, as well as providing the tools and assistance for others to do so themselves.

PB aim to undertake projects that facilitate research about the nature of creativity and improvisational states of mind. Therein it seeks to venture further afield—beyond the art ghetto—to instigate collaborative projects interweaving artistic and non-artistic disciplines. Towards this goal, connections and partnerships are fostered with independent scholars, academic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and the business sector.

Our vision is to establish an intergenerational artistic platform serving and benefiting a vibrant international community, interacting both in person and online.





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