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France - Performance Artist

Carole Novak is educated in Performance Art / Live Art in the UK (RSAMD-Glasgow) and Theatre in France (Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique-Brest and Académie d’Art Dramatique Pierre Debauche-Agen). She has been working in France, UK and Germany as a performer for collaborative works as well as for her own creations. She is very much interested in questioning gaze, intimacy and unveiling oneself, and seeks to put herself in a situation of brittleness in front of her audience so as to break the balance of hierarchy between the artist/performer and the spectator often inherent in the “performing arts”.


Experiencing the Senses

It explores the deprivation of the senses with its inevitable corollary: the over-sensitiveness of the other senses. This deprivation, which can weaken initially, makes it possible to be more listening of oneself and the presence of the others. Starting first as a course in the space, it becomes then a more personal journey in a second time which makes it possible to try out one felt different, it is then all the relation and the report/ratio with the other which can be somehow completely modified.

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