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INTO THE JUNGLE : Improvisation Laboratory

with David Lakein


we are moving… here and now…

we are improvising…in time and space…

How can we perceive and identify the constant impulses around us? inside us?

How can we include the abundance of stimuli confronting us in each moment and benefit from them, rather than have them distract or overwhelm us?

How can we stay connected to our surroundings when feeling "lost" in space or "empty" of inspiration?

We will investigate what compositional options are available to us, such as timing, phrasing & punctuation, giving/taking space, as well as explore different aspects of our performance presence, including how to draw/defer/redirect the audience’s attention, and the connection between physical attitude and narrative intention.

Through different ways of reading and relating to our fellow performers and the global composition, we will be empowered to both create and allow opportunities for something to reveal itself in the midst of nothing.

An emphasis will be placed on ensemble improvisation practice, taking time also to speak about what we are experiencing and seeing.

INTO THE JUNGLE is for adventurers who want to research diverse improvisational states and question their assumptions about the improvising being.

very important

Participants from all training backgrounds and levels are most welcome, including first-timers and experienced professionals.

*This is not specifically a dance workshop; bring whatever body you have and want to improvise with!


Language : English, with translation into Deutsch | Español | Français | Etc



Improvisation Laboratory Workshop






© 2008 David Lakein